What You Need to Know Before a Red-Light Therapy Procedure

Dec 01, 2020

Red-light therapy is a treatment procedure that aims to solve pain and skin problems by using red light of a low wavelength. The red-light treatment can be helpful if you have skin issues such as dermal conditions, scarring, wrinkles, and age spots. Your chiropractor can also use laser therapy to treat pain.

Many people doubt the effectiveness of red-light therapy. The red-light treatment procedure is not a miracle therapy. Therefore, if you feel the need for red-light therapy, you should consult your doctor first. The doctor will then examine you before recommending laser therapy.  Your chiropractor can also show you red-light before and after images to help you make the decision.

How Red-Light Therapy Works

The RLT treatment is a procedure that utilizes a low wavelength laser. Thered light can penetrate the skin, where the body cells utilize it to stimulate healing.

The mitochondria in your cells can attract light. Therefore, the cell organelles attract light particles to form adenosine triphosphate. When your cells have adenosine triphosphate, they become more active.

Active cells increase your blood flow around the sites of treatment. Increased blood flow supports cell growth and regeneration. Cell growth and regeneration, in turn, repair wounds, scarrings, spots, heal injuries, and reduce inflammation.

Red-Light Therapy Results

By choosing red-light therapy, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

Healing Wounds

If you seek chiropractic care after injuries, your chiropractor might recommend red-light therapy since it speeds up the wound-healing procedure.

Red-light therapy speeds up wound healing through the following ways:

  • Reducing cell inflammation
  • Stimulation the formation of new blood cells
  • Increases skin fibroblasts count
  • Stimulates collagen production in the body

Therefore, your chiropractor can recommend laser therapy to treat minor woundson your body.

Reducing Pain

If you seek chiropractic care at Woodway wellness, the chiropractor might recommend red-light therapy to reduce pain. Laser therapy can also help reduce pain in adults with certain musculoskeletal disorders.

Improve skin health

Most people choose laser therapy to improve their skin health. Red light improves your skin in the following ways.

  • Increase the production of collagen, giving your skin elasticity
  • Boost fibroblast production
  • Improve circulation between the cells and body tissues
  • Reduce the severity of wrinkles
  • Improving facial texture and reduce the fine lines
  • Protect cells from damage

What Types of Pain Does Red-Light Therapy Treat?

Red-light therapy targets all the parts of your body apart from the eyes. Therefore, your doctor can use red-light therapy to treat the following symptoms:

  • Neck and lower back pain
  • Shoulder soreness, especially if you sit staring at the computer daily
  • Knee pain and stiffness
  • Sore feet when you have been standing due to arthritis
  • Wrist issues and carpal tunnel syndrome

How Long Should I Use Red-Light Therapy for Reliable Results?

The treatment period for each procedure varies between 10 and 15 minutes. Your chiropractor might recommend one treatment a day continuously until you are satisfied with the results. Your chiropractor will also take pictures after and before every treatment session for red-light therapy before and after analysis.

If you have a red-light therapy, you can use twice daily for 10 to 15 minutes. However, during the first days of red-light treatments, you can use the laser device once a day. You can also take pictures to check the progress.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Red-Light Therapy?

Red-light therapy is a safe procedure. Therefore, you should not feel getting laser treatments.

There are no set standards on how much light your chiropractor should use. However, too much light can damage your skin, while low light might not be effective. Therefore, your chiropractor will regulate the light that comes into contact with your skin, depending on your condition.  Also, red-light therapy might not be safe to treat your eyes or sore in your mouth.

However, it is advisable to consult with your doctor first to ensure that red-light therapy is safe for you.

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