Symptoms and Handling Tips of Lower Back Pain

Jun 01, 2020

Lower back pains can be caused by diseases such as kidney infections, arthritis, spinal cord cancer, and a ruptured disc or injures. It usually happens to people as they age due to changes in the spinal cord. They start off with a constant dull ache, which later develops into a sharp pain resulting in a disability. Lower back pains can be acute, that is, lasts for a few days. Chronic lower back pain lasts for 3 months or longer. We at Woodway rehab and wellness offer services to help in lower back pain management.

Classes of Lower Back Pain

Before any treatment, the lower back treatment specialists in Houston, Texas, will first examine you and diagnose the type of pain you are suffering from.

There are three classes of lower back pain:

Radicular pain

Caused by squeezing of the nerve roots and degrading of the disc. The pain starts from the back, transferring to the legs. It may cause numbness in both legs.

Nonspecific muscular pain

It is a muscle strain that can happen on one or both sides of the lower back. The pain is caused by any movement that adds weight at the lower back. These movements include lifting, stretching, or sudden movements.

Muscle spasms

They happen when the lower back muscles involuntary contract. Muscle spasms occur when there is heavy lifting or bending.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

  • Severe pain after sitting for long or can occur at night.
  • There is pain at the lower part of your back or in your legs.
  • After a long day of activities, the pain intensifies.
  • The leg that receives the nerve supply from the pinched nerve roots experiences numbness. This results in you being unable to move your big toe.

Handling Tips of Lower Back Pain

After an examination of your lower back pain, specialists in Houston will prescribe medication and give you tips to help you manage the pain.

Heat and Ice

The use of heat and ice reduces pain and increases your mobility. When you are using ice packs, make sure to wrap a cloth around it to avoid frosting. Icing reduces swelling and can be used a few times in a day.
Heating is used several days after icing, done by using a heating pad or soaking in warm water. It relaxes the lower back tight muscles.

Wearing the Right Footwear

When making a choice on your footwear, first know your foot arch. Your foot arch may be neutral, low, or high. This will help you choose shoes that will coordinate with your foot. They should have the proper cushioning to absorb the external shock and reduce strains from your back. Despite high heeled shoes giving the spine its natural posture, avoid heels that are higher than 2 inches. Heels overuse results in muscle strains and lower back pains.


The correct body posture will keep the body parts aligned. It is crucial to ensure your body posture is right if you are working while sitting all day to reduce your lower back pain. Avoid thrusting your chest forward towards the desk. Use a chair that supports your back and sit with your feet on the floor. When working out, try to keep your posture as straight as possible. If you are lifting, bend with your knees and move your hips side to side while turning.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Excess weight increases your lower back pain. It pushes the pelvis forward, straining the lower back. Ensure you take the correct diet and maintain your body mass index that your spine can support. Your spinal cord can be damaged and result in sciatica due to the extra pressure.


It is used to lengthen short muscles and relieve strain in the lower back. This increases spinal stability and avoids any future back problems. At Houston, lower back pain treatment specialists will show you muscles that are to be given attention while massaging. They include:

Quadratus lumborum muscle – it continuous all the way to your lower back. The muscle allows you to bend. When strained, it can lead to lower back pains, especially when doing activities that involve lifting or leaning.
Gluteus medius muscle – It allows you to lift your thigh and leg sideways and levels your hips while walking. The hip and the spine are connected; as a result, damage to the hip can cause lower back pain. It is painful at times when imbalanced.

Use the Over Counter Drugs

Use of over the counter inflammatory drugs can be of great help when relieving your lower back pain and reduce inflammation. Before deciding to get some for yourself, first, check with your doctor for a recommendation.

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