Is Red Light Therapy Effective for Fat Loss from the Body?

Sep 01, 2021

Are you one among countless Americans with extra fat on your body wishing for a non-invasive and non-surgical method of body contouring? Unfortunately, the weight loss industry throughout the world is saturated with different products claiming they can reduce stubborn fat from your body in a couple of weeks.


As an American, you may think it is worth giving red light therapy a try by believing the many proponents of this treatment who have benefited by removing stubborn fat from their bodies. However, before you proceed any further, let us explain what red light therapy is and whether it is effective in reality to remove stubborn fat remaining in your body despite exercise and diet.


This blog reviews red light therapy for fat loss from the body and its benefits, downsides, and risks. Would you mind reading this blog to understand whether you can benefit from this treatment?


Red Light Therapy: What Is It?


Low-level laser therapy is the real name for red light therapy which is a non-invasive process performed in the office of a chiropractor near me. It is an emerging form of body sculpting, a non-invasive procedure that claims to remove fat cells without surgery.


You can consider visiting the best chiropractor in Houston to get rid of unwanted fat from your body. However, it helps if you learn how the laser eliminates stored fat cells from below the surface of your skin.


This procedure uses low irradiance laser emitting wavelengths of blue, red, and infrared light about 1 to 2 inches into your skin. The light targets the layer of fat sitting just below the skin’s surface.


The mechanism is unclear and controversial. However, one popular theory states that led light therapy breaks one part of the cell membrane temporarily. The breaking down allows stored fat cells to leach out and shrink for easy removal to the body’s natural waste removal system.


When you attend a session of red light therapy, a trained professional such as the Houston chiropractor or a board-certified dermatologist will place the laser on the targeted treatment area for 10 to 40 minutes. Most clinics recommend at least six sessions before visible results are seen.


You don’t experience any downtime after undergoing regular therapy and can return to your normal activities immediately after the session. However, you must continue eating a healthy diet and exercising if you wish to achieve weight loss in Houston.


Does Red Light Therapy Work for Fat Loss?


Many patients have provided positive testimonies, besides impressive results are available from various studies about red light therapy. Unfortunately, many researchers and healthcare professionals are skeptical about the benefits published in print and electronic media. Until this date, many studies have clarified red light therapy indeed provides benefits.


Studies conducted on various groups at a US clinic indicate patients observed a significant decrease in the waist and thigh circumference. Unfortunately, the research did not have a controlled crowd. However, these studies show there are some benefits of using red light therapy for fat loss.


The Benefits and Downsides of Red Light Therapy


If you want to experiment with red light therapy, you may also know about some of its downsides.


The most significant downside of red light therapy is the cost of the treatment. Although your graphical location has a role to play, a six-session package can cost between $ 2000-$ 4000, making it financially challenging for many people.


Red light therapy may not work for everyone because the studies were conducted on individuals with a body mass index of 25 to 30. Therefore the treatment’s effectiveness in populations beyond the BMI range is unknown. Studies on red light therapy commonly conducted on white people putting its efficacy on racial populations in question.


One study with red light therapy had two patients experiencing severe skin damage attributed to the laser coming into direct contact with the skin. However, no other participants reported any skin damage in other studies.


If you want to succeed in fat loss from the body using red light therapy, contact the best chiropractor in Houston who assesses your health status and provides customized treatments ensuring your skincare.


Research conducted on red light therapy indeed removes fat cells from your waist and arms, but the results are modest. Moreover, the treatment is expensive, and it is unknown how long the effects last. Therefore consider discussing the treatment with the chiropractor suggested before moving ahead with your plan.


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