A Complete Guide to Non-Surgical Fat Reduction with Contour Red Light Therapy

May 01, 2020

Over the years, there has been significant improvement and development in medical science. Several improvised therapies have been put to use. Contour Red Light Therapy is one such medical therapy used for weight loss and for treating varied skin ailments.

What is Contour Red Light Therapy?

Contour Red Light Therapy is a controversial therapeutic medical technique that involves the use of low-level wavelengths of red light to treat varied skin ailments as scars, wrinkles, and persistent wounds.

Recent clinical reposts have revealed that Contour Red Light Therapy can reduce weight effectively. This therapy is proven to reduce body fat and aid in weight management. Being a noninvasive treatment, this therapy can also improve the appearance and often termed as body contouring.

The process involves exposure to a measured low-level wavelength of specific kind of therapeutic red light that penetrates the skin and opens up the fat cells and end up in liquifying the fat in them. The fat then leaves the cells and is removed from the body. Contour Red Light Therapy is a non-surgical and pain-free method of losing body fat. You can find several clinics offering contour red light therapy in Houston.

Working Principle of Contour Red Light Therapy

It is proven that red light produces a biochemical effect in the cells that strengthen the mitochondria. The mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of the cells, where the energy is produced and preserved. The ATP or adenosine triphosphate is found in these living cells and carries the stored energy.

With the administration of Contour Red Light Therapy, the mitochondria produce more ATP. The cells, in turn, more efficiently and get rejuvenated with the additional source of energy. The cells being rejuvenated can repair the damage, and worn-out cells can be renewed too.

Contour Red Light Therapy is quite different from the traditional laser treatment as this therapeutic treatment does not cause any damage to the skin surface. Instead, Contour Red Light Therapy stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells.

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How is red light therapy used?

Red light is known to help the growth of plants in space. Once this feature of the low-level wavelength of red light has been known, numerous tests have been performed to utilize the medicinal effect of red light. Even a number of clinics provide red light therapy in Houston, TX.

Although many studies had promising results, the benefits of red-light therapy are yet to be established completely. There is some clinical evidence to prove that Red Light Therapy has the following benefits.

  • Promotes healing of wounds and repairs tissues.
  • Improves growth of hair in people suffering from androgenic alopecia.
  • Helps in treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Stimulates the healing of diabetic foot ulcers that heal very slowly.
  • Reduces psoriasis lesions.
  • Reduces some side-effects of cancer treatment as reducing oral mucositis.
  • It helps in mending sun damage.
  • Helps in diminishing of scars.
  • Relieves persistent pain and inflammation.
  • It improves skin complexion and diminishes wrinkles by building collagen.

Does Contour Red Light Therapy Work?

Apart from improving the complexion and beauty, red light contouring is also clinically proven to reduce body fat. Being a noninvasive alternative to liposuction, the therapy does not involve any pain or medication and can reduce your weight too.

Red light body contouring can also help in cellulite reduction and obesity control apart from the cosmetic body enhancement. Being a safe and natural mode of treatment, the side-effects are minimal.

Slimmer waistline and flawless skin are something you might crave. With Contour Red Light therapy, you can expect to get both with proven results to back the claim. You can opt for Contour Red Light Therapy Work to maintain a smart and obese-controlled look.

Choosing a Provider

These days many salons, gyms, or even local spays are ready to provide Contour Red Light Therapy. Before you plan to undergo such treatment, you have to choose the provider judiciously. Woodway Rehab and Wellness has been serving people of Houston for the past thirty years.

Compassionate and experienced doctors, family-friendly staff, and personalized care have made us emerge as one of the leading Contour Red Light Therapy providers. With our dedicated experts at your service, you can book an appointment and experience our care. Our multi-disciplinary practice integrates spinal care, along with body fat reduction and skin quality enhancement.

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